Monday, February 13, 2017

Sierra Blanca from Apache Pass

Oil on Linen  Panel

Reference photo taken by Barbara Cooper

This is the view everyone in this area of New Mexico loves. To my family it means we're almost home. There are many, many trees, and we treasure the amounts of snow that we get. Skiers would like more. When we've had lots of snow and it begins to melt, the shape of an Indian Chief in full headdress can be seen on this side of the mountain. When I took the picture on the way back from Kids Club in Mescalero it was almost dark.

We have a pastel of this same scene done by Ted Robertson that is calm and beautifully snowy everywhere. His was painted right after this cut was made and the road was built. There are not nearly as many trees in his painting.

Because of it's many moods, I'm sure I will paint this scene again.

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