Friday, May 26, 2017

Ever Changing Ocean Waters

Oil on Canvas 

Painted from photograph by Joan McDaniels 

I can watch as the ocean ebbs and flows for hours and hours without tiring of the scene. Painting it makes me wonder what's under the surface and wish I could take it all home with me.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Swan Setting down on the Lake 

Oil on Linen Panel 

Painted from Photograph by Andy Dodds

This painting is small, although here it looks the same size as everything else. Andy Dodds took his photographs just as the swan skimmed in and settled on the lake.

From the Shade into the Bright

Oil on Linen Panel

I liked the idea of this painting when I was setting it up, but I'm not sure I did it justice. The photograph that gave me the idea for the painting is by John K. Mitchell. He took it in Ireland where they have lots of moisture and lots of water. In New Mexico we take water any way we can get it even if it is just in pictures. I changed the terrain and trees to fit in New Mexico but I think you would have to hike a long way into the mountains to find this much water in a stream. 

Carrizo Peak from Ranchman's Camp

Oil on Canvas

Photographed by Albert Schenck and Barbara Cooper

These ridges are on the right side of the road as we drop down into Nogal, NM. For each one it's like God dropped several pieces of cloth to form the ridges and valleys. On the left side of the road are the higher ridges of Nogal Peak and Sierra Blanca. There are actually three ridges, but I've only been told the name of the one farthest away. It was impossible to get close to the edge to take a photograph with fewer trees. Albert Schenck took the photograph that got me interested in it and I took a bunch of pictures to get more detail.

Hot Air Balloons at White Sands

Oil on Linen Panel

Photograph of Balloons by Melanie Marquez

White Sands is near where I live. Hot Air Balloons there is a once-a-year event and it comes late enough in the year that the sand (gypsum) is comfortable in the morning air. I've had complaints that the sand isn't white enough in this painting. The sand is very light because it is gypsum rather than the kind of sand you would find in other places, but I couldn't make myself make it a truer "white." Melanie took pictures of the balloons last fall. The sand has moved around so much none of my photographs in and around White Sands really look like the painting but the flavor is still there.