Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Malpais & Cactus

16 X 12 
Oil on Linen Panel
Malpais is the rough and barren landscape that consists of ancient and largely uneroded lava fields exhibiting recognizable lava flows, and other volcanic landforms. The lava that makes up the malpais near Carrizozo, NM, is black. Dirt has blown in on top of it and plants grow around it. When we had a 150 gallon fish tank we boiled some of the lava rock to get rid of any potential impurities and put it in the tank. The fish didn't mind and it was beautiful.

Red fruit on a prickly pear cactus is called a tuna. The tall cactus is a cholla and blooms hot pink, yellow, or white in June.

Butterfly on Dahlias

12 X 12 
Oil on Linen Panel 
Reference Photo by Krystyna OrzeĊ‚-Jows

I've tried to paint dahlias before, but their many petals wear me out. The butterfly just made it lots easier.

Rainbow & Round Mountain

16 X 12 
Oil on Stretched Linen

Round Mountain is a landmark for anyone who lives in Mescalero, NM, and for those who live nearby because they are almost home. It is climbed over and over by many people every year. It isn't so tall, but it has much meaning to all who have been there.

To paint the rainbow I watched a video by Jerry Yarnell on YouTube. He talked about the hand motion to get the curve of the rainbow, scumbled the white behind the rainbow and painted the red line and the video stopped unexpectedly. I watched another guy who was painting a full rainbow and his video stopped after he painted the red line. When it came back on the rainbow was completed. So... I just aimed at it. The colors are all there, but they're mushed together.

Ranch View of the Capitans

18 X 12 
Oil on Stretched Linen

If you climb the very steep hill behind the ranch house this is the view you see. Everyone climbs the hill to see the Capitan Mountains. This winter was especially dry and the summer rains had not yet come in this painting.

My husband made me a porcupine hair brush to use to paint the wire fence. It worked really well. 

Prints are available of this painting from FineArtAmerica.com.

Yellow Rose

20 X 20 
Oil on Stretched Canvas 
Reference Photo by Marian Wilson

I do not draw well free hand so I use a grid when I sketch a painting plan. The day I sketched this rose I took the entire time sketching it in our Friday Painting Group time. It didn't realize the amount of time until I couldn't find my paintbox and found it still in my car. I love roses. When we lived in Roswell my husband used to give me at least one rose bush each year. When we moved I had 42 rose bushes. They don't grow so well here in the mountains.

Wingfield Tree

12 X 9 
Oil on Stretched Linen

Over Memorial Day Weekend I painted in the park with a couple other artists. This became my first ever fully plein air painting. Painting in the park was an interesting experience. Each day we took less and set up faster.

Rooster Checking out the Flowers

6 X 8 
Oil on Linen Panel
Reference Photo by Unknown Person

The rooster was a short project I did while painting in the park over Labor Day Weekend.