Thursday, September 9, 2021

Hiding Fawn


12 X 16

oil on linen

from a photo from Lindsey Tallcott

So Glad to See You!

This one was so much fun to paint. The dog was running full tilt toward the photographer. 

Painted from a photograph by Jane Terrell
12 X 16
Oil on linen


My Boots and Daddy's Boots

 I asked niece Sarah to take pictures of her daughter's and her husband's boots. Of the ones she took I like this arrangement best. This is a watercolor ¼ sheet.

Ilene's Cow


I painted this cow for Ilene Marsh in red, black and white as requested (on left). I wasn't crazy about the colors because it looked like a bloody cow to me, but Ilene insisted. After she had it in her kitchen for a year she decided she was tired of all the blood so I painted this multi-colored version. I like this much better.
16 X 20

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Mesa Verde Lookout

6 X 8
Photograph by Melanie Marquez

Looking out over the valley from Mesa Verde reminds me that this was used for protection to see when the enemy was coming in those ancient days. I haven't painted such a small painting in a long time. It was quick, but tricky to get the detail in.

Magnolia Tulips

8 X 10

My sister and I were recently in Waco where we saw these beautiful tulips. I'd love to have them in my yard but, alas, the deer would eat them if I did. I didn't realize before that tulip leaves are so many different shapes. Some are very broad and not growing straight up at all. Some are trying to be taller than the tallest tulips, but aren't quite making it. In the background are bushes, thick and beautiful. We enjoyed the visit there. 

Peace at the Dam

11 X 14

I like to reflect at this dam. I've painted it before from the opposite direction. I'll bet most people drive by it and never see it. The tree is intriguing even when the leaves are bare, and when there are leaves it makes me think of protection.