Saturday, December 2, 2017

Rocky Ridge 

16 X 12 
Oil on Linen Panel 

Painted from a photograph by Janet Herman 

We have so many ridges similar to this in our area along our highways where cuts have been made in the hills.

I did learn how to paint over palette knife when painting this picture, and to use a palette knife to flatten the paint from the brush.  I have much to learn about painting clouds.

Grand Tetons National Park 

16 X 12 
Oil on Linen Panel

From a photograph by Barbara Cooper

The Grand Tetons were much different than I expected when we visited there this summer. The mountains are huge and there are so many of them, but they are all together. No one mountain stood out. This view is at nearly dark. One lone duck is swimming along. I was surprised to see a white line along the edge between the land and the water. Normally that edge would be very dark. 

Winter Peace

16 X 12
Oil on Linen Panel

Painted from a photograph by Christine Huard-Adams

This painting is of Rundle Ridge and Policeman's Creek near Canmore, Alberta. I believe I have a photograph from the other side of this ridge. The whole area is beautiful.

I've learned that a rainbow of colors makes a painting more interesting even though the colors may be very soft.

Aspen Path 

12 x 16

Oil on Linen Panel

We have lots of aspens where I live, but none in our yard. Every year we have lived here we have had discussion about planting some in our yard, but it still hasn't happened. I have more to learn about painting them.

No Hunting 

10 X 10 
Oil on Linen Panel

Painted from a photograph by Linda Brooks

In the original photograph there is a No Hunting sign at the bottom left.  Linda is in my painting group and the elk was outside her back door at home.

I'm trying to learn how to put more depth in my pictures and how to put in all those little branches that don't show, but add depth and interest to a painting. This is on a hill so I think that part came out in tis painting.