Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Onions and Salad

20 X 10
Oil on Stretched Linen

Onion skins are transparent in an opaque sort of way. I'm sure I'm just not seeing them properly.  Adding the lettuces to the onions visually made the painting more interesting, I think. I'm working on ways to rethink subjects and expand the designs.

Orange Slices

12 X 6
Oil on Stretched Linen

Oranges and orange slices are so much fun to do, but designing a painting from scratch requires some brain work. Several years ago we bought a small watercolor that is only orange slices. It helps us have a sunny morning every day.

Peaches and Daisies

12 X 12
Oil on Linen Panel

These are probably the best daisies I've done. I struggle with them. The pot is supposed to be clay rather than glass so the shine is muted far more than some other things I've painted.

Copper, Peaches & Pansies

12 X 12
Oil on Linen Panel

The copper pan was much easier to paint than I expected. Painting peaches to be a little bit fuzzy is much more difficult. I learned a lot more about pansies after this one was varnished, but I still like them.

Sunset Splash

18 X 12
Oil on Stretched Linen

Reference Photo by Joe Price

Ocean waves and the splash they make really call to me and this one has the added bonus of bright sunset colors on the water and the rocks. I had to wait for the paint to dry mostly so I could dry brush color into the splash.

Cloudcroft Sunset

16 X 12 
Oil on Linen Panel
Reference photograph by Shannon Cordova

The Alamogordo-Tularosa has so many fiery sunsets that many are not believable. They are redder than looking into a really hot fire and it's all over the sky. Friends send photographs to me and they are great, but because they are so much one color they won't make a good painting and that's difficult to explain. This one had more colors so I gave it a try.