Monday, November 4, 2019


9 X 12
painted from Mark Stambaugh's photograph

We see lots of elk around our house, but they don't stand still so I can paint them. Mark has a gift with taking beautiful photographs.


12 X 9

It looks like a lot of water, but it's just because it's frothy. Looking at it right now I'm thinking I should have made rocks sticking up in the pool.

Ski Run Road

20 X 30
For Elizabeth

This road leads to skiing in the winter. The road is old and scary with all its cracks and curves, but it is also beautiful.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sierra Blanca from Near Lincoln

24 X 12
Oil on Stretched Linen

This is my favorite view of the mountain.

Sierra Blanca from Ruidoso Schools

16 X 12
Oil on Stretched Linen

I painted this for the Alto Artists Tour. My niece looked at it and said, "My mountain!" She used to be able to see this view from her living room window.

Sierra Blanca for Katie

13 X 14 ½
Oil on Linen Panel

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

150 Mile View

18 X 24 
Oil on Stretched Linen

This view is from the top of Sierra Blanca in New Mexico, across the desert and White Sands to the mountains near Las Cruces, NM, and El Paso, TX. Normally only good skiers get to see this view. There are many ridges of mountains between the top and the desert below near Tularosa.

Peace Rose

16 X12 
Oil on Stretched Linen

Photograph by Michael Howe

Peace roses are often everyone's favorite in the garden. This bush produced extravagant quantities of gorgeous roses which Michael and Susan will miss in their new home.

Cowboy with His Rope

16 X 12 
Oil on Stretched Linen

In my family children, especially boys, begin roping things when they are very small.  Usually they start with things in the house, like the dog or cat. To lessen the commotion a plastic cow's head is stuck into the end of a bale of hay for practice in roping. A good rope can make the difference between a good day and a bad day on a ranch.

Gray Barn/Winter

14 X 11 

Oil on Stretched Canvas

As kids we ran around outside in Colorado snow, never minding when our toes and hands felt frozen. We'd go inside and run our hands under cold water to thaw them out while they stung from the heat of the cold water. We had a barn similar to this one where my brother and I jumped from that window at the top to the ground when we were supposed to be at home in bed with chicken pox. Mom was not pleased. 

This barn has been added on to twice with differing styles of architecture. Barns are still  part of our western heritage and I like painting them.

The Fishing Hole

24 X 12
Oil on stretched canvas

My husband's mother took her grandchildren fishing in this place. There's a small dam and the water is pretty shallow so falling in was not an issue.

There are many many branches on that tree and I'm sure I didn't get nearly all of them, but it was fun to try.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Bosque del Apache

12 X 16
Oil on Linen

Thousands and thousands of birds visit the Bosque each year.  It's located near San Antonio, NM. Many people drive by it and don't even realize what's going on at this place where there are many species of birds flying about or settled on the lake during the winter months. Sometimes, when one species of bird has settled in, it looks like a lake full of white balls. 

Painting thousands of birds was beyond me, but I did paint a few so you'd get the idea. Just multiply what I've painted by 10,000 and you'll have about what should be in the painting.

Watching Alto Lake

16 X 12
Oil on Linen

Original photograph by Mark Stambaugh

This lake can be seen from the lookout just before the Ski Apache area. Normally, when I drive by the lake, it is usually very dark green or blue. The walking path goes all around the lake and is a pleasant place to walk. During the Little Bear Fire a few years ago the lake was emptied of water as helicopters dipped water to put on the fire. It took a long time for the lake to refill.

Rio Bonita at Sonterra

16 X 12 
Oil on Linen

Original photograph was by Mark Stambaugh

Autumn shows up everywhere here, even in the water. The grasses begin and other areas follow. The water current is stronger because of the recent rains. Our monsoon comes later in the summer.

Snow Creek

18 X 14
Oil on Stretched Linen

This is one of my favorite places, but I never liked the times I had to be out in this snow for a long time without jumping in somewhere often to get warmed up. As long as we were sledding and moving around I didn't notice the cold, but warming up my hands when we went inside was painful and took a while.

St. Francis de Paula Church

16 X 12  
Oil on Stretched Linen

It's impossible to miss this church as you pass through Tularosa, NM. It's enclosed on three sides by huge old trees and the roses bloom all through the summer.

Winding Rui Ruidoso

30 X 20 
Oil on Stretched Canvas

I painted this scene near Biscuit Hill and Ruidoso Downs, NM, before, but wanted more space. The cows were painted and taken out several times before I could leave them alone. 

Walking on Miramar Beach

24 X 12 
Oil on Stretched Linen 

Original photograph by Lindsey Tallcott

My niece, who is depicted in this painting has a very fancy braid, which I could not duplicate for this painting. The light shining through the water in the waves makes the bright green colors.

Snow Day Beginnings

16 X 12
Oil on Stretched Linen

We had more than 24 inches of snow at our house three days after Christmas this year. Some people got 36 inches. This painting is from the early stages of snowing, just after the ground is white and the flakes are still coming down.